Manufacturing Techniques & Capabilities

Decoration Techniques

Hot Stamp

An imprinting method in which foils are transferred to a product’s surface using heat, creating a dynamic and high end appearance that enhances your marketing message! Gold and Silver metallic are the most popular foil colors although others are available.


The process of using heat to press down into the material without color. Debossing adds a dignified and subtle appearance to your marketing message.


Combines hot stamping and debossing to add color and character. We use heat to stamp your artwork into the material, then press down to provide depth, giving your marketing message a more upscale appearance.

Screen Print

Also known as silk screening – an imprint that adds one or multiple colors to your product and offers the flexibility to match corporate colors perfectly, add half-tones, and control surface finishes. Screen Printing is achieved by pressing ink through the design on a mesh screen to create your unique imprint.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to your substrate. Digital printing has made great strides in delivering dynamic and vibrant 4 color process, and is often used in both small and increasingly larger projects now due to improved efficiencies and fantastic quality.

Offset Printing

Delivers vibrant 4 color process to the intended substrate (paper, vinyl, cloth, etc.) to maximize the quality of your artwork on products we manufacture. Typically used on larger run projects on which offset printing delivers a very efficient and cost effective printing solution.

Manufacturing Techniques

Turned Edge (also Casebound, Casemade)

This process of manufacturing result in a high quality, very attractive product that has the look of a hard cover book The process includes printing on a paper or fabric cover material, adding glue to the back, then folding, or turning, the cover material over a hard board. Turned Edge construction is offered on many products that Forbes manufactures, the most common being Presentation Packaging and Ring Binders. Turned Edge offers many advantages, including the use of 4 color process printed covers and liners that enhance your marketing message; the durability of a hard cover for long use; and the enhanced brand identity attained with a high quality product. Forbes has the know-how and equipment to help you arrive at the best product for your needs as well as the most competitive pricing. Our product experts are ready to help!

Vinyl Heat Sealing

Forbes Custom Products is proud to be the foremost heat sealing factory in the USA, manufacturing a wide variety of products with a variety of materials, colors and finishes. Vinyl Heat Sealing is the process of fusing vinyl materials using Radio Frequency (RF) energy to heat the molecules of the materials, then fusing the materials together. Heat sealing uses a precise combination of time, pressure, and RF energy to form a stronger more uniform weld across the seal of any vinyl product we manufacture. The result is a product that will retain its structural integrity as well as its usefulness for a long period of time.

Corrugated Packaging and Boxes

Corrugated Packaging refers to the process of making boxes or packaging from corrugated cardboard. Forbes custom manufactures to your specific size and shape, needs and specifications. Various board weights, imprint options and custom features are available to fit your specific budget. Typically the graphics for this type of product are litho printed and laminated on sheets, which are then glued and mounted to the corrugated board. The board is then cut and scored to form your special package. We can also add die-cut foam or corrugated dividers to hold the contents securely. Corrugated Packaging boxes can also ship flat for enhanced savings.
Truly custom packaging is no longer out of reach at small quantities. Between direct digital printing and automated cutting we have significantly lowered the quantity threshold for affordable, high quality, full color customer packaging!

Poly Tuck Tab & Sonic Welding

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Packaging are offered in a Tuck Tab style, which ships flat and saves product and shipping cost, or Sonic Welded for an extremely durable and finished appearance. Both portray your marketing message in a positive way by imprinting in one or multiple colors. Other benefits include the ability to meet conservative budgets, and the durability to be wiped down and reused in high product usage and/or less than ideal environmental conditions. Whichever style you choose – Tuck Tab or Sonic Welded – Poly is a great choice for appearance, budget and durability in both Packaging and Ring Binders.


Actual thread stitching elevates your brand to a higher standard of elegance. You may choose from 3 types of sewn construction depending on your budget and aesthetic preference. Leather-like vinyl and Topstitching may be added to a sealed Ring Binder, Padfolio, or many other custom products for a premium appearance. Or choose Forbestitched construction, found only at Forbes Products, which features square, mitered corners with the edges folded over and sewn. Turned and Stitched construction is made with supported cover material that is folded over and sewn, with square nickel or brass corners attached to create a traditional, high end product. With any stitched product we suggest optional Foam padding for an enhanced appearance, which is available on all stitched binders.

Paperboard Tuck Tab

Paperboard products offer the versatility of 4 color process printing for dynamic graphics, an often lower price point for conservative budgets, and many construction options for Presentation Packaging and Ring Binders. Tuck Tab construction can be manufactured with fewer operations and shipped flat for extra savings. Or add a custom printed tray to the interior to hold your special products or printed collateral. Explore the many products available using Paperboard construction by contacting Forbes today!

Automated/Digital Cutting

Our brand new Zund Digital Cutter, a wonder of technology, is used for many operations – all designed to add versatility and efficiency, ensuring lower costs, shorter lead times, and a lot of options! The Zund is used for the production of custom Presentation Packaging products, Ring Binders, Sampling, custom products, POP display, Frame making, and more. Minimal set up and die-less technology equal lower prices and quick delivery. The Zund automatically figures out the most efficient cut based on materials, shape, dimension, and maximizes efficiency at every step. This versatile technology is great for short run orders, but increases efficiency for long runs as well! We are able to produce samples quickly and accurately. In short, this technology allows us to deliver high quality products on time, at a great price


We have saddle stitching capability and offer a standard line of pocket planners: Monday start, Sunday start and Checkbook style monthly formats as well as a week-at-a-glance style which allows for detailed daily entries. We also offer a standard monthly desk planner. Any of these may be customized for you in a variety of ways and budget levels. We would love to quote a planner created just for you.

Die-Cut Foam

Finish your Packaging or Box project with Die-Cut Foam that fits the contents of the package perfectly. Die-Cut foam enhances the appearance and brand identity with many foam options, including open and closed cell. Choose a colored Flocking to top it off, offering a finished and refined appearance. Die-Cut Foam presents your important content in the layout you prefer, all while keeping it safe and secure!

Other Capabilities & Services

Fulfillment Services

Forbes provides a full range of fulfillment service including assembly, kit fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shrink wrapping and drop shipping. We are highly experienced and entrusted with this service by some of America’s largest companies. Forbes can handle your entire Binder, Packaging or Kit fulfillment project from start to finish!

Web Based Ordering Portal

Forbes Custom Products has decades of experience handling custom order programs and can help your company establish an online order portal and streamline your processes. We can build a website, accept orders, batch orders, handle large numbers of orders//artwork and fulfill and report on order activity. No need to rely on email to handle your order programs. By bringing an online ordering solution to the table we are able to lower your cost by creating efficiencies in the process. A program like this can also reduce the overall lead-time from order entry to shipment. Call your Forbes representative to find out how we can add value to your ongoing programs.

Customer Stocking Programs

We have decades of history setting up and implementing multiple release, make and hold, drop shipment and fulfillment programs specific to our customers’ needs. Our team has the experience, imagination and flexibility to provide the unique services you deserve. We would be happy to consult with you and provide a plan that meets your needs.

Sampling & Prototyping

Ordering custom products is much more efficient and accurate when you can “see and touch” an actual sample of your design. That is why we have crafted solutions to help you make informed decisions throughout your creative process to guarantee the results you require. Through our wide array of equipment we can produce actual samples of your design. The experience is enhanced if you can provide us the contents of your custom item and we can design it! Either way, we will produce a physical sample in one of several ways:

  • Digital 3D Sample – 3D rendering commonly used for marketing, simulations and artwork/layout. Ideal for small run projects.
  • Plain Sample – unprinted, used mostly for sizing. Ideal for short runs.
  • Digitally Printed Sample – Digitally printed and cut sample commonly used for testing printed artwork and layout. Great for small to medium run projects.
  • Pre-Production Sample – Production quality printed sample commonly used for final evaluation before mass production. Great for medium to large run projects.