Manufacturing Techniques & Capabilities

Decoration Techniques


Stamping refers to the transferring of an image to the surface of the material using a die. Metalic foil is often using in stamping.

Blind Deboss or Debossing

A blind deboss is when an image is pressed below the surface of the material using a die, without using colored foil, leaving a depressed imprint of the design. Blind deboss is recommended for an understated, elegant look.

Stamp Deboss or Debossing

A stamp deboss combines foil stamping and blind debossing, creating a finished look. Your artwork is stamped in a foil color and then pressed into the item’s surface.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is also known as silk screening. This process allows maximum flexibility with colors, plus the ability to match corporate colors perfectly. Screen printing also offers options such as multiple colors, half-tones and control over surface finishes.

ForbesColor (Four Color Digital Printing)

Four color digital printing is a system where a color image is separated into 4 different color values by the use of filters and screens.  The four color printing process is universally used in the graphic arts and commercial printing industry for the reproduction of color images and text.  Great for highly custom and colorful graphics on jobs under 1,000 units.

Offset Printing

Offset printing works by transferring ink from a plate to a rubber sheet, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or other surfaces. This popular method is use to most accurately display your color artwork on flat materials. Generally, offset printing is used on projects with greater than 1,000 units.

Manufacturing Techniques

Turned Edge Binders and Boxes

Turned Edge finishing is also referred to casebound or casemade finishing. It refers to the process of printing cover material, whether on paper or fabric, and then folding and adhering the cover material to hard board giving it the finished look of a hard-cover book. Turned edge manufacturing is used in full color binders, and custom box packaging.

Corrugated Packaging and Boxes

Corrugated packaging refers to the process of making boxes or packaging from corrugated cardboard to custom size and shape specifications. Various board weights can be chosen for this application. Typically, the graphics for this type of job are litho printed on to laminated sheets which are then mounted on corrugated boards with are then die cut and scored.

Other Capabilities & Services

Fulfillment Services

Forbes provides a full range of fulfillment services including assembly, kit fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shrink wrapping and drop shipping. We are highly experienced and entrusted with this service by some of America’s largest companies. We can handle your entire binder fulfillment or kit fulfillment project from start to finish.

Web-Based Fulfillment Ordering Portals

We have developed a number of dedicated, web-based ordering portals for some of our larger customers. Please ask us how we can make this work for you to save time and expenses for your business. When you order repeat products for various locations or branches, we can simplify the process with our web-based solutions.

Customer Stocking Programs

For large orders, Forbes can make and hold products for shipping to customers on a Just In Time (JIT) basis. This provides customers with the best of both worlds – volume pricing and lean inventory.

PDF Proofing Services

Forbes provides PDF proof files for art specifications. This streamlines the customer art approval process and takes the guesswork out of artwork placement and sizing.

Custom Product Sampling / Prototyping

Forbes has a focused department who will make custom samples to help you visualize your finished product. We can readily provide samples of all substrates we use to produce our products.