Video brochures helped this organization promote additional products and services.

A team at Cardinal Health needed assistance developing a marketing leave-behind piece that incorporated a video. The challenge they faced was having more products and services to offer, and needed a simple way to deliver those offerings. The audience was their existing customer base of hospitals, physicians and buying groups who already used some of their products and services.

  • The video brochure needed to provide a creative way to appeal to specific high-level customers and prospects to expand on Cardinal Health’s products and services.
  • It needed to be incorporate their existing branding to accompany any print materials for seamless brand presentation.
  • The video folder needed to include an inside pocket and auto-play feature to ensure a higher impression rate.

The creative solution:  A video pocket folder.

With the need to include a printed brochure with the video messaging, Forbes set out to develop a few different options for the team that would maximize the delivery of information to the recipients. The inside pocket was designed for the exact size and thickness of the companion brochure.  The video component was built with controls that included an auto-play trigger when the folder was opened. This guaranteed that every customer and prospect who opened the folder would immediately be presented with the messaging and a very impactful way.

The end result was 3,500 video folders made with 4cp printed paperboard including a custom inside pocket, soft touch lamination and a video panel with controls and an auto start feature.  Cardinal Health’s target market was reached in an innovated, attention grabbing way, with certainty their desired message was received and retained.

“Just pulled our samples and verified everything. Turned out great! I finally grabbed the pre-pro but sounds like you’ll
get the real-deal anyways. Please reach out if you need anything else. Thanks again. Wonderful working with you and
more to come in the future!”


Cardinal Health