Smart decisions in packaging design can result in cost savings over time.

The team at Cook Medical who is responsible for their Endovascular Graft product needed help designing and producing a high quality, durable case that would also serve as a sales demonstration tool for their field sales reps.  There were a few key elements that were critical to the material selection and design of this specialty packaging:

  • The packaging was going to be used in sales presentations so it needed to be professional and beautiful with attention to detail.
  • It needed to be durable to withstand travel and frequent use of opening, closing and removing and replacing parts, including the custom insert that housed the parts.
  • The case also needed to have be flexible in it’s design to afford for product enhancements and changes without having to redesign and reproduce the sales kit packaging with each product release.

“The finished product positively impacted the effectiveness and professionalism of 200 multi-national Sales Reps.”

The challenge in designing specialty packaging for their medical device:

Over the course of designing this sales/demo case for a medical device, Forbes was able to guide Cook through the process in making adjustments to the design itself.  We chose multiple materials and constructions to give them a modular solution that would allow the sales kit to be updated over time without having to reproduce the entire thing.

We chose a Denier polyester zippered case with a shoulder strap for the outer casing.  This provided a lightweight case that was easy to handle and transport. The black polyester served the branding well in that the branding imprint on both the interior flap and exterior of the case was vibrant and eye catching.  The padded exterior of the case also provided an extra layer of protection to its contents.

The solution to a complex packaging need:

To solve the need for the product packaging to adapt with the product changes, we chose a polyethylene foam deck.  This foam insert featured custom die cut holes to house each specific piece of the Endovascular Graft. The foam casing also keeps the secured in place during travel. A key element to the long-term adaptability of this casing of the parts, in this case the foam insert. The foam deck was created with extra cavities inserted with plugs, that could be removed as the product line grew.  In addition, the whole foam insert can be removed, should they need to completely re-design that at a later date. This allow the insert to be updated on its own rather than having to reproduce the entire case.

The specialty case had a positive impact on the 200 multi-national Sales Reps. The lifespan of the case was increased with the allowance of future product modifications in the original design.  The case design ultimately resulted in a cost savings for Cook Medical.

“Thanks for all your effort and persistence developing this project from an idea to reality. You listened to our needs and in turn provided great support and insight to help create an excellent solution that met the needs of our business. We loved the way it turned out. Look forward to working with you in the future.”


Cook Medical