The Boxes that Hold Samples/Swatches are Just As Important as the Samples Themselves.

A team at Councill Furniture approached us with a need for custom boxes that would house finished wood samples for a high-end furniture company. They needed a box that would hold up to long-term use, as well as something that would travel well with outside sales reps.  The custom sample case needed to have a high-perceived value, while meeting the constraints of their budget.  The main concerns were:

  • Ease of use by their outside sales reps. When presenting samples, they needed a case they would not be fumbling with to open or remove/replace contents
  • The box needed to be durable to withstand long-term travel.
  • Cost was a definite factor.  They needed a box with high-perceived value for their high-end brand.
  • They needed a box that would maintain color and pristine visuals; something that would stay clean.

“Your team did a great job customizing them to all of our specifications.”

The solution for a durable box at an affordable cost:

The initial request came in for a turn-edge box to house the finished wood samples. Turned-edge is usually the first thing our clients think of when starting to build sample/swatch boxes, but after quoting the initial request, we were able to come back with a more suitable solution. After the initial discussions, and a better understanding of our clients budgetary needs, we were able to provide several options to the client, each with their own unique qualities.  We gave them options for turned edge boxes, corrugated boxes and finally poly boxes with handles.

The customer chose 55 ga. Polyethylene boxes with one color screen print on the front.  The custom poly totes met their budgetary needs and presented their brand in an elegant way.  The poly box featured a handle for easy transport, and closures that secured the box and it’s contents in place while being transported.

Thank you Mark for helping us with these custom boxes that we needed for our finish samples. Your team did a great job customizing them to all of our specifications. We are happy to provide our sales force with a great tool to use in their presentations. Thanks for making this an easy process and for the quick turnaround time.”


Councill Furniture