Are you a meeting or event planner in the hospitality industry trying to put your venue or services in front of more people?

Here the challenge many meeting event planners face…It’s a crowded market out there, and it’s ever harder to get your message through.  Every hotel, convention center and meeting venue is vying for the same events you are. What once was leading edge, and attracted attention, soon becomes normalized and tuned out when everyone is doing it.  Your meeting venue probably has a great story to tell, but how do you get noticed in the midst of all the noise and competition?

A physical sales kit that is designed specifically for meeting planners to showcase what your hotel or conference center has to offer that makes it the right venue for their event.

To your prospects and customers, a meeting room is a meeting room.  They look at number of seats, available media/technology, and probably amenities, and then typically compare the price.  But your venue is more than that, and your potential clients will respond better to attractive resource took kit that they can feel and touch. This physical sales kit will put your venue in their hands so they can experience your brand first-hand.

People are tactile, they respond when their senses are awakened.  Touch, sight, and yes, even sound, are all things that can be brought to live in a sales kit that will showcase your meeting or event space in a way that sets you apart.

So what exactly is a sales kit?

Its a physical representation of your brand that’s in front of your customers and prospects, even when you can’t be.  It’s a durable tool that provides easy access to references and resources your prospects need to make a decision to book your venue.  It’s send the message that “we go the extra mile to show we want to work with you,” personal touch that will make you stand out from the competition.

What does a sales kit do? 

It allows them to experience your brand through colors, materials, textures, perhaps even video. It gives them the feel of what it’s like to step inside your meeting space and they type of attention to detail they will receive when they book your location.

So where does Forbes come in?

We can help you determine what impression you want to make.  We work with you to develop a strategy to custom tailor a sales kit based on your meeting venue and the services you provide.  We’re talking more than just a sales sheet, but an experience.  And we’ll help you choose materials, decorations, content, shape, size, and yes, perhaps even video messaging.

It could be a custom turned-edge binder that includes menus, material swatches to show the rooms, floor plans, and yes, even a welcome video with a virtual tour.  The sky is the limit, and we are experts at helping you develop just the right tool kit to showcase what you have to offer.

We focus on our customers’ priorities for every project, and helps to develop the best possible solution for their unique goals (and yes, budget).  Put our experience to work for you.