Sample Kits

With unlimited options to choose from, please allow our expert staff to assist you with product customization and get you the lowest price possible.

Kits present multiple related items in an attractive display.  Often it’s product/material samples, and printed literature, or electronic media.  The design/construction is based on the customer’s priorities for durability, look and feel, and budget.  There are usually multiple elements to consider.  From the type of outer package, to the inside arrangement, and additional features that add performance and value.  We provide guidance to help you get the best possible solution for your specific needs. 

Customization options:

  • Materials:  Turned edge, corrugated, poly, vinyl, foam, chipboard, paperboard
  • Decoration: 4CP litho, specialty papers and cloths, overprints, stamping, labeling, screen printing
  • Extras:  handles, latches, windows, custom inserts, pocketing
  • Services:  Design services, sampling, fulfillment, distribution