Custom Binder Slipcases

With unlimited options to choose from, please allow our expert staff to assist you with product customization and get you the lowest price possible.

Customized Slipcases secure binders, boxes into a cohesive package

They can hold one or multiple “volumes” in a set.  They signal cohesiveness when presenting multiple brands/product lines.  They differ from boxes in that they’re typically open on at least one side.  Forbes can help you achieve maximum impact based on your specific goals.

Customization Options:

  • Materials:  Turned edge, corrugated, paperboard, poly, vinyl
  • Decoration:  4CP litho, specialty papers/cloths, stamping, screen printing.
  • Features:  Spine holes, angled openings, multi-element imaging
  • Extras:  Design services, sampling, fulfillment, distribution