Paper planners are back like bell bottoms and sweat pants.

Some of the biggest fashion trends faded away, but surprisingly made big come backs like bell bottoms and sweatpants.  In the digital age where we are all dialed in to our devices pretty much 24-hours a day, it’s interesting to see paper planners make a comeback.  But not only are they making a comeback, it’s a comeback tidal wave that is now THE trendy thing to do.  According to the Wall Street Journal, People are flocking to journals and planners as the latest trend – the ones that are marketed as a way to make you successful. From the Best Self Journal to Erin Condren’s well known planner – they all have unique features with blank pages, and pages designed to help you plan a more successful life!

Speaking from experience I’ve tried a handful of different planners and journals – and yes… I love my spiral bound paper planner but here’s the thing… The special features in the planners don’t make you successful.  It’s how you use the planner that makes you successful!  In fact, I’d take it a step further and say that just USING the planner, really using it, is the key.  I do find it therapeutic to sit with my planner and map out the upcoming month, set some goals, highlight important dates and basically get a grip on life.  I am one of 44 million Americans who, in addition to my day job here at Forbes Custom Products, also works a side hustle with a direct sales company.

Let me paint a picture of what the average American’s life might look like… Life is crazy, and it’s getting crazier.  I have two teenagers still at home, work a full time job at Forbes, work a part-time job as a dirt track announcer, have a very successful side hustle with a direct sales company, serve in 2 ministries at my church and a ministry student, have a happy healthy marriage, and 3 grandbabies under the age of 1 year.  Let me add that my part-time job and my side hustle are not out of necessity, they are things I enjoy, but they do add a layer of busyness and complexity to scheduling my life.  The struggle is real people!  I would not trade a single minute, but the truth is, I am also VERY protective over my family time. One thing I won’t compromise on is that we eat dinner together around the table almost every day, but I am able to do that only because I have a well planned week!  And that is thanks to the time I take with my paper planner to stay uber organized.

There is something very beneficial to disconnecting from your devices and sitting and reflecting, planning, and really taking time to breath. So I would imagine if I am feeling this way, and I would label myself as having an average life style that people can relate to… then yes, I’d be lost without my paper planner – almost as much as if I’d lost my phone!

Have you latched on to this new-old trend of paper planners and journals!  If not, you are missing out!

As a business owner, branded journals make a great gift!  You can personalize them by adding a debossed stamp on the front, a paper wrap for presentation when gifting, or even a printed page inside with valuable messaging.

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