Samples Sell.

We all know that.  Companies spend millions of dollars trying to present their product assortment in an attractive and useful way, and rightly so.  The end result must represent your brand in the very best light.  It also must be user friendly, for both your dealers and the consumer.

As a “fashion” business, you’re regularly updating assortments.  You need your dealers and consumers to always be up to date on your products.  Doing that usually results in high obsolescence of exiting marketing collateral, and increased sampling, and printing costs.

The Dilemma:

Much time, effort, and expense go into creating sampling collateral for the next product line-up, even after the marketing decisions are made. Sample chips/swatch sets must be created.

They’re typically assembled into decks, mounted onto cards, or other printed media that describes individual samples, includes important product information, and projects your brand image. They’re distributed and warehoused for future distribution.

If you run short, you have to re-order, usually at lower quantities and higher prices.

What happens when the assortment changes?

You hope you projected quantities accurately so you don’t have a lot of inventory to throw away. You may even have to start the process above all over again.

The Solution:

A sampling medium that “evolves” with your updates and changes.  That minimizes inventory costs, obsolescence costs, and printing costs.  That also presents a consistent, long term resource for your dealers and consumers.

Enter custom pocketed clear sample sleeves

Pockets allow your samples/swatches to stay secure, while also being removable when necessary, for closer inspection, or replacement.

These pocketed sleeves can be designed and produced in the size, configuration, and specific material that works best for you.  From different material finishes, to cut outs, flaps, direct printing, etc.

Descriptions, branding, and any other printed copy can be created on a single page, for as many different samples as are represented on that sheet.

Sleeves can be created two-sided to further reduce costs, and consolidate product.

These sample “sheets” can be single, bi-fold, multi-panel fold outs, attached to other products (boxes?), or collected in a binder.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Sleeves with Pockets for Samples:

  • As assortments change, replace only those individual samples affected, without having to discard and replace the entire assortment.  This saves significantly on the cost of samples, administrative costs associated with inventory, and warehousing.
  • When an assortment changes, only the printed insert card, and the individual sample affected need be replaced.  A significant savings overentirely new sampling collateral.
  • You customer has a consistent, centralized resource that enhances your brand.

Take vinyl sampling sleeves a step further:

  • A loose leaf binder “kit” provides additional benefits beyond just holding multiple sample sheets together.
  • It provides a vehicle for your brand image that takes a more prominent, visible space at your dealers.
  • It allows for a larger assortment of samples to be represented, with the added flexibility of adding and removing elements as necessary.
  • A wide range of constructions, materials, decorating techniques, and features, means you have many options for making a brand statement.

Forbes can help you develop the very best solution for your specific set of priorities and goals.  Contact us today to learn how.