Custom medical sales kits extend the conversation with interactive experiences.

Custom medical sales kits are an excellent way to present, display and protect your valuable medical device samples and information. As we all know, getting in front of a group of doctors, medical supply buyers and hospital groups can be difficult, and time is of the essence when you have the opportunity to present your products. These days you are lucky to get ten minutes in front of the person who can approve buying your product. So be ready!

Having your samples in a high-quality kit, organized specifically for your presentation is the first step to giving a professional and efficient presentation. The box or kit itself is the point of first impression – it needs to show the pride you take in your company and your product. Forbes offers a variety of styles and we have the expertise to develop just the perfect kit for your company. Having your samples secure in your presentation case and in the order you want to present them helps make your presentation smooth and professional. Custom foam inserts are an option as well plastic molded to your exact specifications.

Or your kit may need to speak for itself!!  In that case we can add a high-resolution video screen with your custom video to present your story. The power of video is strong, and the key is to get your customer to view it. Please click here to view the video is one way – Having it start playing when the box opens is a great way to grab their attention. You can custom craft video packaging and boxes, or video folders, brochures and mailers.

At Forbes we know that each sample kit needs to be designed specifically for the right product. No two kits are ever the same – and we start the process of designing each kit from the ground up. We make cases from a broad array of materials – including poly, plastic, case-bound, metal and paperboard.

The possibilities are endless. From custom foam to molded plastic or maybe you just need a few dividers we have the answers. Exteriors provide a great place to display your brand message as well.

We’re here to answer your questions!  Let us know how we can help.