Custom Ring Binders

Build a Custom Ring Binder from start to finish.

Custom Binders

Custom ring binders from Forbes Custom Products include a wide range of varieties and styles. Our ring binders are 100% customized to meet your needs and budget.  Dedicated Account Executives work with you to understand your needs, partnering with you to create the perfect binder with attention to every detail.

Turned Edge Binders

Custom Ring Binders - Turned Edge

Easel / Presentation Binders

Custom Ring Binders - Easel / Presentation Binders

Leather-Like Binders

Custom Ring Binders - Leather Like - Heat Sealed

Aluminum / Metal Binders (Heavy Duty)

Custom Ring Binders - Aluminum

Vinyl Heat Sealed Binders

Custom Ring Binders - Vinyl Heat Sealed

Custom Binder Slipcases

Custom Binder Slipcases

Poly/Plastic Binders

Custom Ring Binders - Poly/Plastic

Entrapment Binders

Entrapment / Overlay Binders

What are Custom Ring Binders?

There are endless ways to build a ring binder. Choose from: turned edge, leather like, aluminum (metal), vinyl, poly, easel, overlay/entrapment, and binder accessories like custom slip cases and custom index tabs.

You will be blown away by the ways you can build a custom ring binder! Our staff walks you through the process and helps you make all the right choices including:  selection of materials, printing/imprint and stamp/deboss options, ring configuration and color, and extras such as pockets, business card holders, zippered or flap closure, handles, and much more. Your budget and goals are our number one concern!  And the best part is, your binders will be fully manufactured in the U.S. in our Dansville, NY facility.

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Custom Binder Capabilities

When it comes to custom ring binders, Forbes Custom Products are your American made experts!  Submit our simple quote request form, and one of our experienced Account Executives will follow up with you quickly to gather the remaining information needed to quote your custom binder project!

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Recent Custom Ring Binder Projects

Check out our gallery of recent custom ring binders.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge and scroll through the projects album!

Resources for ordering Custom Binders

How much do custom binders cost?

The cost of custom ring binders is determined based on materials, construction, quantity and customization. What we want you to understand is that we can create a custom ring binder that meets your budgetary needs. Here are a few examples where we can save our clients money and still produce a premium binder with a high perceived value.

Leather-like binders are much more cost effective then using actual leather, but are much more cost effective. The perceived value is much higher, and your binder users will never know the difference.

Aluminum binders are not always practical. They are incredibly durable, and probably necessary in the construction industry. But we have created turned-edge binders with a print overlay that gives the binders a metal feel and finish, but a much more lightweight construction.

The possibilities are limitless for your next custom binder project! At Forbes Custom Products, we have creative ways to help you build a hands-on brand experience with your custom binders.  Contact us today for a hassle free quote!

What is the minimum order quantity for custom binders?

Simply put, or minimum order amount is $500.

We work with all sizes business and individuals from entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies and everything in between

What information to do I need to order custom ring binders?

Forbes Custom Products can help you quote your next custom binder project. Our experienced Account Executives work with you to customized every detail on your binders to bring you the perfect custom solution. It starts with having a general idea of what type of binder you want, the quantity you need, and your budget.

We then work with you to provide you all the binder options available to you. Your binder can include padding, stitching, different binder ring configurations, full digital printing, foil logo stamping or debossing, turned-edge process, heat sealed binders, handles, flap enclosures, easels, pockets, tabs, business card holders and more. We take your project requirements and build you the perfect custom binder.

How do I submit artwork for custom ring binders?

We prefer high resolution vector artwork files for printing or logo imprint. This ensures the best quality product. You are responsible for providing production ready artwork.

Our art department can assist with converting your artwork or typesetting for an additional fee starting at $35, and bills at a rate of $70/hour.

What types of custom ring binders can I order?

With Forbes Custom Products your custom ring binder options are limitless! If you have a ring binder idea, we can make it happen!

Our custom binders typically fall into these categories, but let your imagination run wild, and we will work you to build your binder:

  • Leather-Like Custom Binders – These are made from premium synthetic materials and can be heat sealed or turned and sewn.  Our proprietary Forbestitched process gives your leather-like binders a finished corners and edges for a high-end binder look and feel.
  • Vinyl Custom Binders – These are also referred to at vinyl heat-sealed binders. Choose from over 15 colors of high quality vinyl and customize with foil stamping, screen printing or four-color process printing.
  • Turned-Edge Custom Binders – Let your imagination run wild with turned-edge technology. If your custom ring binder will feature amazing graphics, the sturdy construction and print capabilities make these a great choice. So many options with turned-edge binders!
  • Poly Custom Binders – These plastic binders are great for indoor/outdoor use. They are popular because they can be easily wiped down. Customize your size, color, and thickness. Poly binders can be foil stamped, screen printed or 4 color process printed.
  • Easel Custom Binders – Often referred to a presentation binders, these are popular with direct sales companies and other sales related industries. These custom 3-ring binders keep your presentation materials safely stored and protected for on-the-go presentations.
  • Overlay / Entrapment Binders – These custom printed ring binders are a cost-effective solution when you want high quality graphics on a limited budget. Your high quality graphics are printed on sheets and then heat sealed under clear vinyl. The cover designs can be interchangeable by leaving one portion of the heat sealed cover unsealed to swap out printed inserts.
  • Aluminum Custom Binders – If durability is your number one focus, custom aluminum binders may be the right fit. These are perfect for jobs that require heavy lifting like the construction industry where binders with blueprints and work orders get tossed in the work truck and take a heavy beating.
  • Custom Binder Accessories – We also offer custom printed binder slipcases and custom printed binder index tabs for a completed project.

Still not sure what type of custom ring binder is right for your project? Contact us today with the information and requirements you have and we will help you build a solution that meets every need.

What size binder rings do you offer?

With Forbes Custom Products your custom ring binder options are limitless! If you have a ring binder idea, we can make it happen! These are the standard binder ring sizes and styles we can turn-around quickly!  If you need a larger capacity, we do carry some 4″ binder rings, and can customize a post-style binder for high capacity binder needs.  Contact us today for a quote.

Ring Size Capacity (20# Sheets) Round Straight-D Slant-D
1/2 Inch 100 sheets x
3/4 Inch 150 sheets x
1 Inch 200 sheets x x x
1-1/2 Inch 300 sheets x x x
2 Inch 400 sheets x x x
2-1/2 Inch 500 sheets x x x
3 Inch 600 sheets x x x

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At Forbes Custom Products our desire is to create the perfect custom solution for you that meets your branding and project needs, as well as keeping you within your budget. We value relationships and pride ourselves on the great service we provide.  Here are some of the reasons our clients love working with us:

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