Optimizing your guest experience, by consistently representing your brand, will give the consumer a satisfying interaction with your; restaurant, bar, or hotel.  This satisfaction will likely result in repeat customers.

According to a recent report from Inc.com, of the 200 organizations surveyed, those with a consistent branding message throughout their guest experience enjoyed a 23% increase in revenue. One of the biggest struggles 60% of companies surveyed had, was creating consistent marketing materials that adhere to brand guidelines. Imagine if your hotel menu branding does not match your in-room dining guide. This could leave your guests wondering…

Also, be mindful of what will convert a guest into a repeat guest along every step of the process. Transparency and truth in branding is a major contributor to repeat customers. Another recent survey found that 94 percent of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to full transparency. In other words, do what you say you will do! Repeat customers are what it’s all about!  Not only are they more likely to return, but that same study noted they might actually spend more with you!

If this inconsistency in branding is an issue for your hotel or restaurant, it must be corrected immediately.

Don’t give a customer mixed signals when they view your; website, logos, taglines, corporate colors, image, collateral. What’s the use of having a beautiful and well-crafted website when your; Menu Covers, Check Presenters, or In-Room Dining Guides don’t match? What if your messaging and branding don’t seem to provide the same kind of impact? For tips on finding the right type of branded products for your restaurants and hotels, click here.

Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott is a custom information packaging expert who consults with companies to create attractive, functional and most importantly, branded solutions to their packaging needs. A co-owner of Forbes Custom Products, he has worked in marketing, sales, and production for 20 years.