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In an Industry as competitive as the Healthcare and Medical Industry, you need to be sure your brand stands out!   We can help you stand apart from the competition with exceptional quality Custom Sales kits, Presentation binders, LCD Video Folders and Packaging available in large variety of sizes, materials and decorations. 

  • Custom Turned and Sewn Binders


    Turned & Sewn Leather Like Binders are custom crafted to meet your needs Made from rich, supported, premium simulated leather materials with precise stitching around the edges and finished with metal corners,...

  • Custom Vinyl Binders


    Custom Vinyl Binders are sturdy and economical, made with heat sealed construction Vinyl binders are extremely popular due to their versatility and multi-purpose use.  We stock over 15 different colors of high quality vinyl and...

  • Forbestitched Custom Faux Leather Binder


    Custom Forbestitched Binders are made with a unique turned and sewn process This unique process offers strength, elegance, durability, and a polished look that includes stylish, mitered edges so there is no need for...

  • LCD Video Folder


    Custom Video Folders Grab Your Customer's Attention A pre-recorded, crystal clear video on an LCD screen for cost effective  brand messaging. Stop directing your customers and prospects to your website, bring...

  • Pharmaceutical Presentation Pouches


    Pharmaceutical Presentation Pouches are an elegant way to display and organize your sales material, while looking professional.  Rich, expanded leather-like materials with high quality imprinting options will help your Pharmaceutical...

  • Poly Packaging


    Maybe the most versatile material we use.  It’s extremely durable, yet very design friendly.  Poly packaging can be rigid or flexible, color matched or clear.  It’s very economical in a...

  • Poly Totes - Forbes Products

    Poly Totes

  • Poly Totes


    The Poly Tote with Handle and Tuck Tabs is one of many options available when looking get your poly totes through Forbes Custom Products. The tuck tabs keeps the tote...

  • Prescription Pad Holders


    Prescription pad holders keep your pad and pen protected from wear and tear while displaying your brand/name on the front of the pad holder.  Crafted from rich, expanded leather-like materials...

  • Turned Edge Binder with Flap Closure


    Custom Close-able Turned Edge Binders have a neat, clean appearance The flap closure adds an unique style and look to our very durable turned edge binders.  You have limitless options in printing/decoration...