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Custom Product Packaging and Presentation Materials

Let us help take your band to the next level with quality, high-impact promotional packaging. Whatever your priorities, we create a custom solution that works best to achieve your marketing goals and budget.  Our expertise and experience with multiple materials, constructions, and decorating techniques allows endless capabilities for your project.  We’ve manufactured custom packaging for a wide range of industries for 70 years.

  • Corrugated Packaging


    Corrugated board is a cost effective way to achieve a highly impactful, reasonably durable presentation.  The proper board weight is chosen for your particular application.  Typically a litho printed, laminated...

  • LCD Video Folder


    Custom Video Folders Grab Your Customer's Attention A pre-recorded, crystal clear video on an LCD screen for cost effective  brand messaging. Stop directing your customers and prospects to your website, bring...

  • LCD Video Packaging


    Custom Video Folders, Binders, and Boxes Bring your packaging to the next level and make a lasting impression with the power of HD Video Packaging.    Combine full color print with...

  • Paperboard Packaging


    Lighter weight than corrugated, the design possibilities are even greater.  For when a positive impression is required, but high durability is not.  A wide range of weights, finishes, and decorating...

  • Poly Packaging


    Maybe the most versatile material we use.  It’s extremely durable, yet very design friendly.  Poly packaging can be rigid or flexible, color matched or clear.  It’s very economical in a...

  • Poly Totes - Forbes Products

    Poly Totes

  • Poly Totes


    The Poly Tote with Handle and Tuck Tabs is one of many options available when looking get your poly totes through Forbes Custom Products. The tuck tabs keeps the tote...

  • Turned Edge Packaging


    An elegant solution with a very high perceived value and excellent durability.  Highly versatile with litho printing, allowing for ultimate control of your image.  Choose from a wide range of...

  • Turned Edge Slip Cases


    Slip cases protect and identify binders and other sets of materials to extend shelf life. They deliver a message of quality and value.