Custom Ring Binders by Size

We specialize in wholesale custom ring binders and can offer you a wide range of ring sizes and formats.  These are the standard binder ring sizes and shapes available for fast turn-around.  If you need something not listed here, contact us to discuss your needs.

Ring Size Capacity (20# Sheets) Round Straight-D Slant-D
1/2 Inch 100 sheets x
3/4 Inch 150 sheets x
1 Inch 200 sheets x x x
1-1/2 Inch 300 sheets x x x
2 Inch 400 sheets x x x
2-1/2 Inch 500 sheets x x x
3 Inch 600 sheets x x x


Please note: We are a custom manufacturer. That means everything we manufacture is made to order. For this reason, we don’t typically deal in quantities less than 25. Have questions?  Feel free to ask using the provided quote request form.

Ring Binders by Size and Shape

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Thanks for all your partnership, the final product looks great… We are really pleased with the final binders.


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