You need custom document storage. Where do you start?

Designing custom document storage, such as a vinyl envelope, sounds simple right? While document storage is not overly complicated, it can be highly customizable. When you want to protect a document or item in vinyl or plastic, there are many considerations. So what questions should you be prepared to answer when quoting your next project for vinyl envelopes, pouches and sleeves?  Here are 6 questions to answer:

1. What are the overall dimensions needed to store your document or item?

It’s best to give outside dimensions to your envelope or pouch when possible.  If designing around a particular item, give dimensions of the item that your vinyl product must accommodate.  Keep in mind that flat vinyl envelopes require even larger dimensions (compared to the items enclosed) as the capacity increases.  If you will be storing items that are not flat in nature, or multiple pages, you might want to consider gusseted or expandable pouches.

2. How should your pouch, envelope, or sleeve be configured?

There are multiple considerations for the layout and style of your end product:

  • Which side does it open on?
  • Is there a “step down” (where front of opening is lower than back?
  • Is there a header (area above the opening, sometimes punched or grommetted).
  • Is there a flap?
  • Is there a closure (if so, what kind)?

3. What materials should be used to make your plastic/vinyl product?

Will it be clear vinyl, or solid color?  For transparent or translucent products (including orange peel, frosted, double polished clears), standard vinyl ranges from .005 to .012.  Tints are typically .010.  Solids are available in many standard colors and are typically .011.  Clears and solids can be sealed together.

4. How will the item be branded or printed on?

Is the item being printed at all?  Or will it be plain and unbranded. Do you want spot color printing, foil stamping and/or debossing?  If you are printing on the vinyl items, which side(s) are you printing on? How big is the imprint? How many locations will be stamped?

5. How will it be used?

Know the answers to these questions will help make decisions about what types of vinyl to use:

  • What is the application of the product?
  • What will be stored inside it?
  • What types of environmental conditions will it be exposed to (extreme cold or extreme heat)?
  • How long should your pouch or sleeve need to last?
  • Will it be reused over and over again?
  • Does it need an adhesive backing to be mounted on another item?

6. How many vinyl envelopes, pouches or sleeves do you need?

Quantity of how many you need quoted is essential. If you are not certain, provide a range of potential low to potential high to allow us to quote the range.

What seems like a relatively simple product, has many considerations when designing the best vinyl envelope, pouch or sleeve. We can help you choose the right materials for the job and provide a quote for your next vinyl project!

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