Sometimes we overlook the obvious.

  • You deal in paper and ink.  You meet a wide variety of needs for your clients from printed materials to large format prints, and quite possibly everything in between.  But consider this… your customers have, or will have the need for other products that house the very items that you print. This could include things like ring binders, certificate and diploma holders, folders, and even policy holders.  Are you in a position add that extra value to your clients?

    You’re in a perfect position to win that extra revenue through your existing relationships.  Here are 4 steps to identify those opportunities, and win them.

1. Look at what you are already printing and how your clients will use it.

If you understand what you are printing for your clients, there is a good chance you know how they’ll be using it.  Your clients already trust you.  If they didn’t, you would not be printing their materials. Here are a just few examples of what we mean:

  • If you’re doing any 3-hole drilling, it’s safe to say that content is going end up in a 3-ring binder.  You can add value by offering a custom ring binder that matches the branded materials you are printing.
  • Are you printing certificates, diplomas or awards?  If you are, there’s a chance they need something formal to present those certificates.  There are several types of diploma and certificate holders you can offer so they don’t need to go elsewhere.
  • Are you printing a complex product or training manual? Sometimes a video folder is great way to enhance and explain what the document is really all about.
  • Are you printing things associated with a product sample kit or product launch?  Offer custom packaging to become their full service provider.

2. Look at your industries and who their end users are.

Different industries have needs unique to them, and there’s a chance for you to add value to the printed materials you are providing already. We are experts in providing that next level of added value to your clients.  Here’s what we mean:

  • Financial Services:  They often use vinyl document covers, folders, or sleeves, and even sometimes document totes. These are frequently used to present printed materials. Many companies provide branded binders for their clients to collect custom financial plans and periodic statements.
  • Insurance:  Companies produce policies and contracts, and often present them in some type of package. Pocket folders, policy jackets, document sleeves, and ring binders are very common. Contact us to have samples on hand to help win this additional business with your clients.
  • Manufacturers: Are you printing catalogs and other collateral materials related to product lines and customer segments? Often these are collected together and presented in a custom multi-line package like a binder, folder, box, or tote. If they produce samples, they’re very likely housing them in some type of custom package.
  • Medical Device Manufacturers: Custom sales kits are commonly used in this industry, empowering the sales force out in the field to do quick hands-on demos of products with custom designed sales kits and product cases. Budgets for these types of projects are often large, so the additional revenue in this category is potentially significant.
  • Multi-Line Distributors: Companies with multiple product lines present a great opportunity for a custom package. Often several printed marketing pieces need to be presented as a collection. Binders are ideal for that, and allow for maximum flexibility as assortments change.
  • Furnishings (home and commercial) – Furnishings is a fashion industry, and samples and swatches are their life-blood. If your printing any collateral material, chances are very good that it’s being combined with some other marketing piece. Why shouldn’t you have that business too?

If the answer is yes, Forbes will help you identify where and what to look for. If any of your customers are in these industries, Forbes can help you increase your revenue, and your importance to that customer.  Let us show you how.

3. Be prepared to have those value-add conversations.

Request our Printers Sales Kit that provides details on constructions, options, and how to choose the best solution for your customer. That way, when the door is open to have those key conversations you’ll be ready. This kit also gives you new reasons to approach your clients to help them experience in a tactical way, the value you can add to their printed materials.

Consolidating vendors is a goal of most companies, and you can strengthen your position when you can become a “one stop shop.”

4. Contact Forbes when you need samples, pricing, and expertise.

We’ll walk you through the process that will make you an expert in your customer’s eyes. Ready to quote your next job or just to connect with us to discuss opportunities?  Contact us today to get started, to request your Printers Sales Kit, or just start a conversation about how we can partner with you to add heaps of value to your already existing customer base

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