Are your sample and swatch kits generating more sales?

Launching a new line or refreshing an existing one? Do you have effective sample and swatch kits that will guide you through the sales process? There are almost unlimited materials and price points. Choosing the best options can be tricky – and Forbes has the professionals to help guide you to the right choice.

Here are a few things we like to learn so we can give you the best advice about your custom information packaging.

Who is going to be using this sample kit?

Always consider the receiver – it makes a big difference if you are sending out info to company reps, multi-line reps or directly to your customer. Is this going to be a purely functional piece, or does your swatch kit need some WOW factor to grab the attention of a potential new customer?

How long does your sample kit need to last?

At Forbes Products we offer information packaging from a variety of materials like, poly (plastic), vinyl, cardstock and turned edge. Each type of substrate has its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the weight of your swatches and samples as well, we can help determine the right materials. Your Forbes representative has the knowledge and experience to give you a full understanding of each type material and help choose the best material for your application.

Will your sample kit need to be updated periodically?

At Forbes, we know you want to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible. Sending updated materials and samples may a better option than replacing the custom packaging you choose. We can help you choose and design the custom packaging that will work best for in the long run whether it be binders, boxes, portfolios, sleeves or envelopes.

Where is the sample kit going to be used and stored?

Designing custom marketing packaging for a sales rep who keeps it in their trunk is very different than designing a package that will see limited use and be stored on a shelf in an office or showroom. At Forbes, we deal with this question all the time and have the experience to make sure your package can perform as well as look great.

We offer many products to help you get your information in front of the right people. When you reach out to Forbes, we’ll be asking all of the questions above to help you find the best product for your company. Whether it is custom binders, turned edge boxes, poly boxes, paperboard boxes or folders, sample boards, portfolios or envelopes, we have the experts help you pick the best solution for you.

Don’t take a chance that your custom information package project doesn’t meet your need as you intended. Contact the pros at Forbes Products and draw on the knowledge of the best in the industry. We’re here to help you find the best value for your marketing dollar.

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