Hotels and conference centers should look for ways to increase brand exposure with their guests and visitors throughout their stay. There are subtle branding opportunities that will leave impressions with a guest, that they may not realize was even there, but will leave a lasting impression.  Here are 10 products, we believe hotels and conference centers can use to maximize brand exposure:

1. Brochure Holders

We aren’t talking clear, acrylic counter stop brochure racks, or even those big racks of brochures you see in hotels and restaurants that have all the things to do in the area. Where you can increase exposure with guests is branded brochure holders whether made of a poly or plastic material, or even a turned edge 4-color printed piece.  A custom brochure holder puts your branding on the front, and allows you to put a message to display even when the brochure holder is empty, by printing a fun branded message on the empty holder.

These can be placed on top of the registration desk, on the tables in the waiting area, at the bar, and in other areas throughout your hotel or conference center.  They could be printed restaurant menus, spa services, hotel sponsored excursions or other on-brand messaging you want to provide your guests.

2. Notepad Holders with Pens

Sounds pretty basic, but you can create a branded notepad holder that has the logo on it, instead of printing the logo on the pads!  The pads are less likely to walk away.  Notepad holders can be made much the same way we make our turned-edge boxes, or we can use simulated leather with stitched finish.  These can be in the guest rooms, or in key areas throughout your hotel or conference center.

3. Custom Menu Covers

Your guests will feast with their eyes first. Give them something to look at with a custom branded menu. Your menu can be a traditional leather folder with stitched finishing or metal corner accents, or a full bleed printed cover that showcases your beautiful foods and drinks. Using custom ring binders for your menus allows you to change out the menu inserts, add in specials, and feature promotions.

4. Custom Table Tents

Table tents are a great way to present information at the table side such as specials, featured drinks, dessert menus or even add-on services in a spa setting.  They can be made with different materials and finishes that allow you to change out the information as needed so you are not needing to recreate new table-tents every time.  Shown here is a turn edge table tent with ribbon corners.


5. Branded Coasters

Seems straight forward, but for your conference room tables or bar, why not have branded coasters for your guests to set their beverages on. We look at our drink when we pick it up and set it down to prevent spilling.  Put your logo where they’ll see it frequently.

6.  Mouse Pads with Wireless Phone Chargers

If you have a business center where your guests can stop in, use the computer, charge their devices, make copies, etc. set up each workstation with branded mouse pads. Take it a step further with wireless charging mouse pads they can set their phones on to charge while they work at computer or desk.


7. Conference Room Table Blotters

Similar to desk blotters, these are usually set at each place setting at a large conference table. They give your guests a padded area to work, write, take notes, etc. We can create premium simulated leather desktop blotters that are finished with stitching and debossed with your logo for that extra touch of elegance.

8.  Ring Binders for Guest Room Amenities

Even though the world is going digital, in-room ring binders with all the guest amenities are still necessary. The world is used to going straight for these binders when they are in their guest room to find information or answers to questions before having to call the front desk.  Create custom branded ring binders that present your guests with just the right info.


10.  Smartphone Charge Adaptors

Nothing is worse than leaving home without your charger. Nobody wants to go out and drop another $30 on a new charging cord when travelling.  Why not added a multi-use 3-in-1 charge adaptor to every guest room, and several in key waiting areas. Guests can recharge many different types of devices this way. Your logo gets printed on them and who thinks your guests will be extremely happy?  We do!